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"Words of one, for the lives of many"


Welcome to hell, the place every woman is condemned to when they've given up hope. One of these women is Mrsunderstood, the narrator at the center of T.T. McClendon's heart-wrenching but ultimately uplifting story of self-reflection and self-evolution. As Mrsunderstood awakens in a dark, forbidding realm that threatens to ensnare her forever, a place full of distinctly personal demons, she struggles to understand why she cannot detach from a past that haunts and taints her soul. The only way she will ever be free is by removing the mask and exposing her truth, but is that possible?

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What's New at McWood Publishing?


No longer accepting Manuscript Submissions  

It's time to redefine genres, let's stop adding to them!

CINCINNATI, Ohio May 19, 2016

McWood Publishing is no longer accepting submissions for young adult and adult target audiences for the following genres: erotica, fantasy, horror, romance, paranormal, sci-fy, and suspense-thriller.  Thanks again for all the submissions.